Google Apps Script itís a programming language, based on JavaScript, which allows customization of G-Suite products: Google Spreadsheet, Docs, Drive,Gmail etc. All these products already have built-in functionality, but with Apps Script you can extend them or write your own features.

Google Spreadsheet and Docs are similar to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, but they run in Google Cloud, so you donít have install these programs locally on your machine. Multiple users can open the same Spreadsheet/Doc and work together at the same time simultaneously in the same file.

All these products are free. If you have Google Account itís enough to start working with them.

Google Apps Script is also free. It means that you can use power of Google Cloud to make computation for your business/non-business needs without any cost.

Example1: Sale report
You have account on eBay and you need to make sale report for the last month. For this task you can use Google Spreadsheet and import sales information directly from eBay. Additionally, if you want to change some data in eBay, you can push changes directly from Google Spreadsheet through the Google Apps Script.

Example2: Products parser
Your vendor has products published online in XML format. This XML updates every 1 hour, where you can check quantity, price and new products. If there are some new products, you want to publish them on your Amazon account, but with different name and in different language.

This task also can be done with Google Spreadsheet and Apps Script. You can fetch all data from XML directly to Google Spredsheet. Add manually in new column your own product name and publish new items on Amazon through Apps Script.