Google Apps Script

Hi, my name is Edward and I use Google Apps Script for G-Suite automation.

On this site you can find my add-ons and videos, related to this programming language.

Few words about my experience: I started to write scripts in 2016 within my hobby and next joined one company as a full-time Google Apps Script Specialist. During this time I wrote a lot of different scripts, mostly for Google Spreadsheet, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive. I connected various marketplaces and services with G-Suite through the API (eBay,Amazon,Cdiscount,Rakuten, UPS,DPD etc.) and extended functionality of Google Services according to the business needs. I use html/css/bootstrap and angular.js for front-end mixing it with Google Apps Script and git for control version.

Currently I also work with Python/Odoo and other technologies, but this site is dedicated to Google Apps Script only.

My activity on stack also provides some information about my experience.

Google Drive Structure
Covid-19 Data Studio Connector ds

Import covid-19 data into Data Studio from

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Google Drive Structure
Campaign URL Builder (UTM) sheet ads

This tool allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Google Drive Structure
Folder structure sheet drive

Generate folder structure report of Google Drive.

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Hash calculator
Hash calculator sheet

Lets you calculate the cryptographic hash value of a string (MD2,MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512).

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Web-app based on Google Apps Script.
Example of web-app based on Google Apps Script. web-app

Catalog, which allows end-user to specify the quantity of items manually and submit the form. Items are appended dynamically to the page based on gSheet data. Form submissions are also stored in gSheet.

Email checker
Email checker sheet

Check whether an email is associated with Google Account.

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Google ads search terms splitter
gAds search terms splitter ads sheet

Get idea of negative keywords - split search terms into separate words.

Gclid adwords auto-tagging
gAds gclid tester ads

Test auto-tagging in your ads programatically.

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Protection ranges
Protection ranges manager sheet

Add/remove email from multiple protected ranges in Google Spreadsheet by one click.

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Media Image 01
Duplicate words finder docs

Find all duplicated words in Google Doc and underline them.

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Covid-19 data studio connector

Imports covid-data into data studio from

XML parser - currency exchange rate

Script parses xml files with currency exchange rates and values inserts into spreadsheet. Target file is available under this link.

Rakuten API - orders

Script fetches Rakuten orders through the API in JSON format and appends them into spreadsheet.

Protection ranges manager

Add new email address to multiple protected ranges in Google spreadsheet by one click.

Duplicate words finder

Find all duplicated words in Google Doc and underline them.